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International Students

There are 1 opening for the Master's program and 2 openings for the Ph.D. program for 2015/2016 academic year.
2015-16 Admission Guidelines for International Degree Students: download
For more information, please refer to the Office of International Affairs.

 Degree Requirements for International students in Ph. D. program in Global Health:

Required courses

College required coursesEssential of Global Health (3 credits )

-          Epidemiology  (3 credits )

-          Biostatistics  (3 credits )

-          Environment and Occupational Health Risks  (3 credits )

-          Public Health Research Method  (3 credits )

-          Health Policy and Management   (3 credits )

-          Thesis 


-          After completing all required courses, students may apply for candidacy exam.

-          Candidacy Exam subjects include Global Health and Environment and Occupational Health Risks.

-          70 points (or above) at both subjects are required for passing. Retaking the exam is permitted one time if students fail the first time. Failure to pass the exam twice is considered failing.

-          Once passing the candidacy exam, students are eligible to apply for dissertation proposal defense.

-          Dissertation proposal defense is held publicly. The proposal defense committee consists of at least five full-time or adjunct assistant professors or above. There are three exam outcomes: passing with consent of over half of the committee members, passing with conditions (alterations must be made to the proposal and approved by the advisor afterwards) and disapproval from over half of the members, that is failing.

-          Students who pass the proposal defense can apply for dissertation exam six months afterwards.

-          International students must have stayed in Taiwan for over 18 months to be eligible to apply for degree exam.

-          By the time of applying for degree exam, students are required to have published at least one manuscript in an academic journal recognized by the Institute. (This is the requirement for application; whether or not students pass the review depends on committee members’ evaluation of the former’s overall academic performance and contributions.)

1. First-authored research regarding public health in content, original in terms of theory application, experiment and vision.

2. Recognized journals: SSCI and SCI.

3. Journals not listed above must first be reviewed by the faculty before a decision can be made.

4. Changes are made to the list if necessary. New journals are effective since the semester in which they are announced. Deleted journals are no longer recognized six months after announcement.

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