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Tuition & Fee

The following tuition rates apply to Degree Students and Visiting Students in the 2016/2017 academic year.

"Estimated cost of living" is for reference only. All fees are based on New Taiwan Dollars ( TWD ); fees in US Dollars are solely estimates ( 1 USD ≒ 30 TWD ).


The following fees are estimated for one semester. There are five months a semester, and two semesters an academic year.

Fees / Colleges Public Health
Full tuition / semester
(note 1)
TWD 62,360
(USD 2,080)
Basic tuition / semester TWD 31,000
(USD 1,033)
Credit fee / credit N/A
Estimated Cost of living / per semester
Books TWD 5,000~8,000
( USD 165~265 )
Housing On-campus double room TWD 24,500
( USD 825 )
On-campus single room TWD 37,000
( USD 1,225 )
Off-campus TWD 35,000~50,000
( USD 1,170~1,670 )
Insurance National Health Insurance, TWD 4,494 ( USD 150 ), applies only to degree students
Living expenses TWD 50,000
USD 1,670 )
Estimated cost of living TWD 84,000~113,000
( USD 2,800~3,770 )
1. For the first two years, master's and doctoral degree students pay the full tuition fee. From the third year on, students are only required to pay the basic tuition fee.
2. For the first six months, EMBA students in the business school pay the full tuition fee. From the seventh month on, students are required to pay the basic tuition fee and the credit fee ( The basic tuition fee + credit fee cannot be more than the full tuition fee. The credit fee depends on how many credits the student takes in that semester. )
3. The GMBA students are required to pay the basic tuition fee + the credit fee.