【活動消息】環職食安聯合演講-Prof. Linsey C. Marr

  • 2017-10-26
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講者:Prof. Linsey C. Marr 
主題:Engineered Nanomaterials in the Atmosphere

Nanotechnology is touted as the basis for the next industrial revolution, yet the health and environmental impacts of engineered nanomaterials are not fully known. The history of asbestos and combustion-generated ultrafine particles suggests that we should be concerned about exposure to novel nanoscale particles. Engineered nanomaterials can be released into the atmosphere at every step in the product life cycle: production at a commercial manufacturing facility, use by consumers in the home, and disposal via incineration. Although we may envision a puff of pure, monodisperse, separated particles, engineered nanomaterials released into air are typically aggregated with other particulate matter, such ingredients in the parent product or soot, and the size of such aggregates may range from smaller than 10 nanometers to larger than 10 micrometers. Further research is needed to determine whether airborne engineered nanomaterials present a novel hazard.